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About My Work

Since last ten years I have been working with subjects concerning science illustration and methods of Natural history reschears. I have had a attitude of a gaious scientist, without obligation of truth or results. My works have been investigation of visual world of science.

Past and…

Portfolio De Pterygotis or Manual for Insect Construction (1990) is a offset printed portfolio. It has been made in manners of old (17th century) science books.

Gradute work (TAIK) Evolution (1992) makes Darvinism clear, simple and geometric.

Cultural Landscape exhibition (1994) is an exhibition which contains five large photographic maps of agricultural landscape. Those maps are in 1/1 scale, showing signs of human activities in nature.

Anatomiche Kabinet installation (1997)combined science museum and personal curiosity collection.

Excavations (1998) Penetrated through the ground of the earth into the fictious past.

Restauration (2000) exhibition takes my activities into the area of restauration of nature.
The nature is in bad shape. It must be fixed

Museum of Nature (2004–) Final reservoir of nature. Hope not!

… future activities?


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